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To me, being a photographer on a regional Australian newspaper can be more challenging than being on a metro daily.
For starters, we rarely photograph life-changing action as it happens and rarely work on assignments that present striking images everywhere you look.
In regional media, most of the jobs are either mundane, repeats, or just plane boring. Therefore, creative thinking is vital. We often don’t get to think about the job hours before it is on, you just arrive and create an image with what you are confronted with when you arrive. Combine that with the fact there is usually only one or two photographers in a newsroom and you need to cram as many jobs into a day as possible, and you have real challenges.
Also it helps to have an intricate knowledge of the story and how it needs to be presented both in the paper and in the community.
It is also important to know your issues and photo subjects very well. Not only are you trying to urge people who hate having their photo taken to do something colourful, you are also often urging them to make a fool out of themselves for the entire community to see.
It is for these reasons you have to be, I believe, more opportunistic than most. When something happens, no matter what we are doing at the time, we have to drop everything and photograph it. We often also have to create news ourselves by seeing an image on the side of the road or in a public park that is too good to miss.
You see photographers who have got lots of assistants and lots of lights … Photojournalists are much more pure than that. They have very basic gear and they can walk into a situation and find a lovely little moment within the chaos.
It is with this in mind I present my photos.