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Just upgraded from my D3000 to a D3100, as a rank amateur i can't see me needing anymore, this is a truly amazing camera. It's easy to use and does everything and more than what I will ever need. My primary lense is the 70-300 AF-S VR2,,, this get me close to the action at my favourite surf breaks.

Did you ever see something and wish, if only i had a camera, what a picture that would make! It was just these kind of moments in life that inspired me to purchase my SLR.

I love the challenge of trying (like any amatuer does) to catch the essence of what i am experiencing through the lense.
More importantly for me is the the win! looking back through my shots and seeing right there on my screen what i had witnessed in real life.

The only regret i have is waiting till i was in my forties before buying what could classed as serious camera. From now on, not only will i have my memories i will be able to relive them in detail.