Nikon subsidiary in the U.K., MRMC receives Queen’s Award

Nikon Corporation, Kazuo Ushida, President is pleased to announce that its subsidiary in the U.K., Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited (CEO: Assaff Rawner, hereinafter “MRMC”) is the recipient of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are awarded annually, based on recommendations from Britain’s Prime Minister. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise recognize outstanding achievement by U.K. businesses in the categories of Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity through Social Mobility. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the category of International Trade are presented to British companies that show outstanding achievement in expanding their business to international markets and rapid growth in overseas profits.

MRMC was founded in London in 1966 with the development, manufacture and sale of robotic motion control solutions that enable remote and automated operation of imaging devices making up their primary business. They have since expanded their business greatly from live broadcast and film production to product photography. MRMC and the automated camera solutions it provides based on their superior robotics technologies are well known and well respected. In 1999, for example, MRMC’s MILO won an Academy Scientific and Technical Award for its contribution to special effects technologies in the film industry.

Nikon and MRMC have had a working professional relationship for some time, developing and selling devices that combine Nikon cameras with MRMC’s automated capture equipment. However, that relationship was strengthened in October of 2016 with Nikon’s acquisition of all MRMC shares. Nikon will strengthen MRMC’s already leading position in the film and broadcast industry, and make use of its sales channels to cultivate new markets, continuing to expand the scope of its business in the imaging industry even further.

Published by mynikonlife May 10, 2017
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