Camping in Sonoma, California

I recently had to be in Northern California for a surf trip. The area is called Sonoma, known for it’s wine and stunning natural beauty. As you can see in these images, it is a rugged beauty with green rolling hills and jagged cliffs.

We spent five days camping and road tripping with winter temperatures. The red wood forests were one of the most enchanted things I’ve ever seen. Some of these trees are 700 years old. Between the camping vibe, the truck we had and the location, I felt like we were on set of Harry and the Henderson’s, that true American style family camping vacation, so much fun. 

Camping in Sonoma, California (Nikon 1 J1)

Sonoma – Camping Beauty (Nikon 1 J1)

Sonoma – Camping Beauty (Nikon 1 J1)

The red wood trees of Northern California. We kept looking for Edward and Bella. (Nikon 1 J1)

The red wood trees of Northern California (Nikon 1 J1)

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Published by Stephanie Gilmore Apr 3, 2013