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Tim Bauer is the original nosey guy. and photography gave him the excuse he greatly desired, to open every door and peek inside.

Tim began his career at the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper as a Cadet Press Photographer. At just 20yrs old he left Australia wide eyed and enthustastic to pursue his dreams abroad after winning an award in the Rothmans International Press Awards.

Tim’s success in London introduced him to the world of celebrities and the music industry as well as the hardcore human feature story projects that he loves. From the handle bar moustache club old men portraits to gypsy camps in laybys, Viennese mods , London thieves and lovers.

In the 1980’s Tim was asked to travel with the world’s most famous bands like Depeche Mode, Grace Jones, Duran Duran and Simple Minds etc documenting their performances and lives on the road, offering an unique insight into the bands pop culture. To contrast these popular icons he also shot many older people from the last of cockney gangstaers to Dylan Thomas’s wife Caitlin to Richard Attenbourgh as well as so many more amazing people.

Tim’s career has spanned over three decades in the editorial portrait world. His collection of celebrities portraits include Charlton Heston, Audrey Hepburn, Lillian Gish, Andy Warhol, Russel Crowe, Kate Blanchet, Kylie Minogue, Vin Diesel, Jerry Hall, John Howard, Victor Chang, Charles Dickens grand daughter Monica to Daryl Hannah , John Travolta and many many more.

From Morocco, Egypt, Europe, America, Japan, United Kingdom, China and on to South Africa Tim’s career has been amazing meeting such diverse people from Maharishis, Nepalese Midget Clowns, Pop stars, Actors, Artists World leaders, amazing authors and even the odd Zulu Warrior.

Tim has enjoyed success in many areas of commercial photography from corporate, photojournalism, editorial portrait and advertising. And the future looks bright with a series of personal projects and a retrospective exhibition that is coming really..

His other love in his life besides photography is his Family, Wife Bibbi and 17yo daughter Josephine their dog Angel.

Tim has lives and has a fantastic daylight Studio with a real darkroom in Annandale where he is always experimenting or playing about with his cameras and lights at all times of the day. Recently Tim is trying to master the wet colodian process of tintypes between magazine shoots perso projects and a little advertising and the odd annual report.

Tim Bauer