Suzanne Davidson


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Nikon D200 and just obtained D700 yesterday, looking forward to the update and having a backup camera. various lens, flash guns, Elincrom studio lights. A sense of Humour

Hello and welcome to my Bio-
I’ve been a very keen amature photographer learning everything I can now for a few years, but I have always ever since I can remember had a camera in my hands just about 24/7. I simply love taking pics, people, landscapes, pets, well just about anything that looks nice. And everyones different and can interpret things in their unique way.

Photography is my passion and I just simply love to get out there and take pictures then comingback to my lap top and exploring the many creative things i can do in photoshop.

Who knows where it will take me, but I am so enjoying the ride getting there.

One thing to remember in Life is to appreciate everything we have today, because we migth not have it tomorrow. And the other thing is to appreciate everyone else and accept others for who they are and their differences.

take care and keep smiling