Steve Lock

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Nikon D700 - Paxtons Nikon D810 - digiDirect Nikon D4s - Teds 24-70 - Paxtons 16-35 - Teds 60 - Teds 19 pc - digiDirect 14-24 - digiDirect 105, 70-200,16 f/e, 50,20.

Steve Lock is a Sydney based professional photographer.
I specialise in architectural, Interiors and Corporate photography.
When I’m not shooting on land I can be found underwater, creating images of the amazing marine life that inhabit the reefs of ‘The Coral Triangle’. My underwater photography celebrates the beauty of our oceans and marine environments. I create images for the advertising, editorial, and fine art markets, and am a regular contributor to travel, nature, wildlife, photography and scuba diving publications.