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I have always been a snap happy photographer and love to carry my camera everywhere! I enjoy giving photos of friends as gifts and have embarked on canvas art using digital prints as a mosaic application.
I grew up North of the Pilbara, Western Australia and lived over in the USA, where I fell in love with Las Vegas and the desert charm of Palm Springs and alas I did get married at the little White Chapel!! It is very little!!!
My Husband, Son and I moved back to Perth, WA and I continued snapping away!!! Im so glad digital camera’s came in because getting films processed were costing me an arm and a leg!
Now Im a widow, I am blessed to have had the passion to have taken hundreds and hundreds of photos of my husband and son together when they were doing some really beautiful things.
Theses are the times I like to remember him for and I have the Photos to prove it! I truly Believe your only gone when your forgotten and Im glad I have all my Photos to remind when the memories start to fade.
Be Kind to your loved ones, never miss an important occassion… Take your camera and send them a photo of themselves, It shows them you think they’re very special indeed!!!xx