Behind The Scenes & Following The ‘Dream’

It usually takes one little nudge to get the ball rolling….

Well for me, MasterChef was definitely this…And more!

I have always loved cooking and dreamt of being a part of the food industry so to get the opportunity to cook everyday, for some of the world’s most respected chefs is something any die hard foodie only imaginings.

Kylie Millar - Pantheon

Having a bit of fun outside the Pantheon: Shot on a Nikon 1

The MasterChef ‘journey’ for me was incredible- mystery boxes, food, team challenges, cooking food, celebrity chefs, eating food, Italy, eating more food- it’s something I will cherish for the rest of my life. But the thing that I will take away with me the most from the show is the friendships, something that people find quite bizarre due to the nature of the show being competitive. As daggy as it sounds, to be able to talk about ingredients, recipes and weird and wonderful foodie creations, is awesome and to meet people who have as deep a passion for food as yourself is incredible- they don’t tune out after 5minutes of banter about the latest Gourmet Traveller!

Kylie Millar - Barilla Pasta

The victorious Red Team after the Barilla Pasta Challenge:Shot on a Nikon 1

Kylie Millar - Florence Markets

The beautiful fruits and vegetables in the Florence Markets: Shot on a Nikon 1

Kylie Millar - Parma

Foraging in the Vegi gardens at Antica Corte Pallavicina, Parma, Italy- Shot on a Nikon 1

As sad as it was saying goodbye to the MasterChef kitchen, life post the show has been just as challanging and enjoyable.

I’m currently working at Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio in Melbourne’s South Yarra alongside Darren Purchese- one of the world’s best pastry chefs.

Kylie Millar - Taste of Melbourne

Darren Purchese at Taste of Melbourne food festival: Shot on a Nikon 1

Kylie Millar - Chef Whites

Chef whites on with my sweet creation- Jammy Doughnuts: Shot on a Nikon 1

Check out some of the creations we make in the studio….

Kylie Millar - Caramel Dessert

Salted Caramel and Mandarin dessert: Shot on a Nikon 1

Burch & Purchese is incredible! I thought I knew a bit about pastry and the world of sugary creations…but being able to jump in the kitchen at Burch & Purchese has opened my eyes to a world of new and very exciting pastry techniques, flavours and ingredients- maltose or dextrose anyone?

At Burch & Purchese we have covered quite a few events…

Dessert nights, dinner at Melbourne zoo, Langham High Teas, Taste of Melbourne food festival…

Kylie Millar - Melbourne Zoo

Gorilla’s Breakfast…Only at Melbourne Zoo

Kylie Millar - Big Names

Kicking it with a few big names 🙂

I’m very grateful for being given the opportunity to work in the kitchen with Darren Purchese and his team- I love it!

Slotted in to working in the kitchen has been a whirl of crazy events….

MasterChef LIve, helping out with a cookbook and Pop Up Restaurants…..Here’s a little sneak peak

Kylie Millar - Ben & Andy

Sneak Peak of Ben and Andy shooting ‘The Next Elelment’

Kylie Millar - Ben, Kylie & Andy

Pop Up Restaurants in Tasmania

More to come soon……

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