Lost in Harajuku

It was a dream gig come true when I finally landed at Narita Airport. 2 weeks prior I had been asked if I would like to come to Tokyo to work on a 3 day assignment for Tokyo2020, the Organising Committee taking charge of the Tokyo bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

I had only just dropped off my bags in my luxurious 5 star Tokyo Hotel room, when I had to rush down to the Lobby Lounge to meet my contact from Tokyo2020 for high tea and my initial brief. Thankfully I brought an endless supply of business cards downstairs, as 16 people turned up for this meeting! Staff from Tokyo2020, staff from the Creative Agency, staff from the Olympic Operations contractor, 2 personal assistants (assigned to me), and two language translators.

All photos shot by Delly Carr on the Nikon D4.

When my nerves calmed down and my mind stopped spinning, I had enough composure to listen and understand when the main focus of my assignment was presented to me.

The decision to appoint a city to host the 2020 Olympics will be made in 6 months time. It’s a 2 horse race now – Instanbul or Tokyo. Tokyo2020 feel that Instanbul may have its nose in front, promoting heavily the fact that the Instabul Olympic Games would be a bridge between the East and West. Nice clean political correctness. The stuff that the IOC loves.

Tokyo2020 were also worried that 70% of the IOC members participating in that vote had never been to Japan or Tokyo!

So part of their final push was to produce a book of images to show that Tokyo is much more than Sumo, Sushi, and Geisha. So my assignment was to show that Tokyo was beyond that, that Tokyo was as they put it ‘Sexy and Cool’. Throughout the three days I had to think ‘Sexy and Cool’ each time I pressed the shutter.

They didn’t want to hire a Japanese photographer. They wanted a photographer that could see ‘Sexy and Cool’ with ‘Westerner’s Eyes’. The same eyes of an IOC member. They chose me 🙂

They will present this book to all the IOC members in their final push to get their vote. Hopefully my images have that power to make a difference!

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Published by Delly Carr May 30, 2013
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