Cooking up a storm!

Almost a year has passed since we started filming MasterChef, which just seems crazy!

I would never have thought I would get the opportunity to work at an incredible pastry studio, Burch and Purchese, as a pastry chef alongside on of the world’s best pastry chefs Darren Purchese. It’s fast paced in the kitchen, and I am always learning new things- so I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Slotted in to working in the kitchen has been a whirl of crazy events…
MasterChef Live……

MasterChef Live Darren Purchese
Cooking alongside Darren Purchese at MasterChef Live

One word hectic!

MasterChef Live is a massive foodie event where food providores, chefs and rookie chefs (aka MasterChef contestants) come together to have a bit of fun in the kitchen!

I was fortunate enough to cook alongside some incredible chefs including…
Dan Hong or Ms G’s, El Loco & the newly opened Mr Wongs…
The Three Blue Ducks
and Darren Purchese from Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio where I am currently working!

Such a buz getting to meet not only renowned chefs but also people who had watched the show and cheered us along during the course of MasterChef.

Helping friends out with a cookbook …..

The Next Element Ben Andy
Photographing Andy’s Book ‘The Next Element’

I’m pretty sure you will recognize these boys,
Ben Milbourne & Andy Allen.

When Andy asked if I would write a few dessert recipes for his book I was so chuffed. I thoroughly enjoying cooking with Andy on the show,and to be able to contribute to his book is a honour.

The Next Element Desserts
The ‘sweet’ section of ‘The Next Element’

The coconut & caramel parfait from ‘The Next Element’ is a pretty good recipe….

Pop Up restaurants!

A concept that was introduced to us while being apart of MasterChef, and one of my favourite challenges.

Ben, Andy and I have joined forces and have been jumping around different states sharing our culinary delights and raising a bit of money for charity as well. The first cab off the rank was Ben’s home town of Devonport in Tasmania…

Tassie Pop Up
Ben, Kylie & Andy plating up in Ben’s home town of Devonport, Tasmania

The dishes where Mexican inspired using some incredible ingredients collected from around Tasmania…The Tasmanian produce is beautiful. I would love to venture around and check out more of what this gorgeous little state has to offer.

Next up, Sydney for the Starlight Children’s foundation, held at The Grounds Alexandria and Kitchen By Mike… two of my favourite little possies to go for breakie or lunch.

Starlight Pop Up
The Grounds of Alexandria for the Starlight Children’s Pop Up

The vegi patch at The Grounds of Alexandria is laden with herbs, fruits and vegi and even a few chooks!

Starlight Pop Up
The Grounds of Alexandria’s vegi garden for the Starlight Children’s Pop Up

…I love it! I did pinch a few bits and pieces for my dish from the garden too.

We managed to raise over $40,000 for the Starlight children’s foundation, a great charity, and one that is very personal for Andy having had a close friend helped out by the organization.

Starlight Pop Up
The Grounds of Alexandria for the Starlight Children’s Pop Up- Toothfish Cerviche Tostadas

Our most recent pop up venture was held in Beau’s hometown of Castlemaine, Victoria.

Castlemaine Pop up
Beau & Kylie Prepping Kingfish Tequila Slammers

Another Mexican themed event, with delicious flavours!

Castlemaine Pop up
Kingfish Tequila Slammers

……And a few more pictures to get your taste buds going!

Castlemaine Pop up
Fish Tacos

Castlemaine Pop up
Pork & Lamb Spit Roast

Castlemaine Pop up
Sweet Tacos

Finally dessert! Lemon Sweet tacos inspired by our pop up’s Mexican theme and the local lemon orchard in Castlemaine.

And something a little bit of fun…

The Millar Messina Project!

Gelato Messina is my favourite ice cream store in Sydney. It just so happens that they have been recognised by quite a few other people having been named best gelato store in Australia!

So when they posed the Millar Messina Project concept to me I jumped at the idea!

Cookies by me, gelato by Messina….yum! Who doesn’t enjoy an ice cream sandwich

Millar Messina Project
Millar Messina Project- Ice Cream Sandwiches…Cookies by Kylie Millar, Gelato by Messina

Millar Messina Project Cookies
The Range of Cookies…’Everything, Everything’, ‘Night at The Movies’, ‘Wild Oats’, ‘Double Down’

The Cookies

Double Down – Double Choc Pretzel
Everything, Everything – Peanut butter, ground coffee, crisps, marshmallow and chocolate
Wild Oats – White chocolate, oats, and cranberries
At the Movies – Popcorn, peanut butter and chocolate (Gluten Free)

Millar Messina Project Double Down
‘Double Down’… Double Chocolate and Pretzel Cookie

The Millar Messina project is running for a limited time….so jump in a grab an ice cream sandwich before they run out!

Being able to do something that I enjoy so much and to share it with people in the form of a meal is incredible.  Food is my passion and something that excites me, that’s the main reason I love pastry cooking. I feel like it’s a way for me to express myself and have a bit of fun with creating something outside the square. You can bend the rules when it comes to dessert, and for me as long as you get a smile when you serve the plate up to someone that’s the icing on the cake. I endeavour to gain enough experience to have a place that I can call my own, whether it be a dessert bar, restaurant or food van, where I can share food, photographs, experiences and a good laugh….watch this space!

Nikon  1 J1
Capturing the moments on Nikon 1 J1

…..Eat Sweet, Dream Big!