Israel, a land of surprises

Sometimes I get the funniest emails, bizarre follow-ups to the Best Job in the World that I won over four years ago.

The weird ones get deleted, the inquisitive ones get answered and the appealing ones get my full attention with an immediate response. They’re usually offers of sponsorship, jobs or travel in case you’re thinking of sending me one!

When one such email clattered into my inbox a few months ago, it came from a country I’d been when I was 13 years old, but hadn’t thought about much since — Israel.

A large telecommunications company wanted me to go to Tel Aviv, work for a couple of days on a national campaign they were running and stay for ten days longer to see the sights of the country, and bring my wife along for the adventure too. How could I refuse?

The trip was a real eye-opener for us both; a land with history older than anything in modern day Australia times a thousand, exciting people in a modern, bustling city, biblical sights to put to the stories and a Mediterranean summer beach lifestyle to embrace.

Jewish cemetery Jewish cemetery (D700)

It was a perfect opportunity to create a photo-blog. I learn so much every time I take out my camera, usually from past mistakes but enough to slowly hone my eye to frame things differently, learn the different settings and after clicking away for days on end, actually have some snaps to be proud of.

Church of the resurrection Church of the resurrection (D700)

Sophee and I took turns being the photographed and the photographer, swapping lenses and experimenting. Having those extra days gives you the freedom to explore back alleys as well as the tourist-filled hotspots.