Adventures at Glenelg Beach

I was in Adelaide recently as part of my first official task in helping the Australian Swim Team rebuild their culture. Being a big day of discussions I decided to take in the Sunset on Glenelg Beach, armed of course, with my trusty Nikon D7000.

I arrived at the beach to discover one of natures anomalies, a massive amount of seaweed had been washed up on Glenelg Beach leaving a 1.5m high wall of weed. This was made of Billions of small strands of Seaweed stacked and shaped into miniature mountains and valleys by the previous storm.

All photos by Trevor Hendy on Nikon D7000.

Every time a small Gulf swell washed ashore it would crash into the weed bank and perform as though it had just hit a rock wall. It created a child’s wonderland of play opportunities. It also made for some stunning images and a peaceful end to a big day.