Parklife 2012 with Hobogestapo – Perth

It’s here! Part 3 in our series of guest blogger posts from Pat Stevenson from Hobogestapo. Check it out!

Parklife Tour Diary – Part 3 Perth

The 3rd day in a row on the first weekend is always the hardest, this year it’s even harder as we have a 5 hour flight from Sydney to Perth on Jetstar, I manage to sleep the entire way and wake up in Perth feeling pretty fresh, apparently its a proper warm day on the west side of Australia, of course all I pack is jeans, thank god I have my boys (The Pilerats crew) who have a clothes label, I drop by their studio and they throw me a pair, today is starting to look alright!

I always love Perth, the girls are hot and everyone is up for it, they definitely don’t disappoint this time around, Hermitude another standout from the day and the boys from Pilerates have their own stage, check out my adventures below!

Published by Modular Oct 22, 2012