Parklife 2012 with Hobogestapo – Brisbane

Pat Stevenson, from Australian nightlife blogging collective Hobogestapo, is the next in our series of guest bloggers. He followed the Parklife tour around Australia this year and got us unprecedented access to the back stage area, VIP parties and the festivals. Check out his first post right here!

Parklife Brisbane Day 1 – The Pre Drinks

Always known for getting entirely way too out of hand considering we have 2 weeks of intense touring, after parties and side shows, the pre drinks are always a riotous affair.

The night kicks off at Oh Hello! for free burgers and drinks, everyone gets to know eachother and then the place opens to the public, we bail and head to Bowler Bar with the modestep boys, I can already tell these guys are going to be ‘that group’ that gets drunk at every party and create trouble, we get the VIP room at bowler bar and smash a few bottles of vodka and then the rest is a blur, im surprised I havent lost my Nikon J1 yet..

A few cameos through the evening incl. Parachute Youth & Alison Wonderland, can’t wait for the rest of the tour!

Published by Modular Oct 9, 2012