North West, Not Out!

Filmmaking is a cultural immersion we so take for granted in the cities. Plenty of cinemas, big audiences and lots of storytellers too. Head into regional Australia however, and those resources are not only limited, they’re sometimes non existent. When I got a call from Bingara one day to attend their film festival as a guest judge, I must admit I had to Google where on earth this spot even was. Tucked away in far north NSW, west of Inverell – there she was. The North West Film Festival – housed within the iconic Roxy Theatre – is not only their annual celebration of Australian cinema, but for a lot of creative locals it’s their only opportunity to showcase their stories, their way.

In it’s tenth year, this incredible festival faces a unique challenge. Can it survive and prosper, or will it (like so many regional towns) loose the one event that keeps it’s voice alive? North West, Not Out is a short doco made in just 24 hours, filmed entirely on Nikon D4, and made against the clock to close this year’s festival. I really hope you enjoy this honest, heartfelt look into the faces behind the big screen.

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Published by Jason van Genderen Oct 22, 2013