Travelling the World

As a motion picture still photographer my little family and I spend a good part of the year working in some incredible locations all around the world. We can be away anywhere up to 14 months in any one spell, but thankfully we travel together as a unit and treat it all as an awfully good adventure.


With most of the films I am on, we are in the one location for around 6 months at a time. We work with crew that are mostly locals to the area, so instead of being travellers passing through, we actually get to live there and call the place home. We are privy to some amazing local advice on what we should be seeing and experiencing.


I couldn’t tell you my favourite place – they are all so different. Whether it’s the homes built into the rock faces in Cappadocia, Turkey, stalking wild Elephants through river beds in Namibia or exploring the modern cities of Japan, they are all unique.

As a photographer I am constantly in visual overload.