On The Set of ‘Captain Phillips’

Lucky enough to work for director Paul Greengrass since ‘The Bourne Supremacy’, ‘Captain Phillips’ is by far the most exhilarating film I have worked on across some amazing locations including Boston, Malta, London, Virginia and Morocco.

Paul is an organic director who keeps things as real as possible. It’s hard sometimes not to feel like the drama taking place is the real deal.

I don’t try and copy what the director is doing I try to retain my independent style of photography and tell the story parallel to his own, I like to think my images compliment the directors story telling.

Paul’s style, coming from a documentary background, is perfectly suited to my own. Having a hard news photography background I try and treat the films I work on as if I am a photojournalist and what’s happening in front of me is very real. My own personal style is raw and dirty, my train of thought is to shoot and not be shot!

In Virginia we were stationed on a Destroyer for nearly a month, an amazing experience in its own.
The scene at night with the ship and helicopter stalking down the life boat was the most intense scene I have ever been a part of. In little 4m RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats), 30m from a battle ship doing 25 knots, I still can hear 1st assistant director Chris Carreras yelling to us to hold on as the 3m wake threatened to capsize us.

Our incredible DP Barry Ackroyd had all these elements to contend with and made brutal obstacles into action never seen before, he literally shot a car chase in the middle of the ocean with 2 Destroyers, an Aircraft Carrier, helicopters and a tiny little life boat. It really is hard to find words to describe the scale of this film at times.

Such an amazing experience, such an amazing film!

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Published by jasinboland Oct 17, 2013
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