The Sock & The Peg

A stray sock, a weathered clothes peg and a weekend to play with my new D7100, that’s a recipe for a short film isn’t it?

That’s the grounding behind this latest offering, a true experiment in what can be achieved with the functionality of DSLR cinematography, a few forgiving mates and two days to hammer out a little film made entirely on-the-hop. Before you watch the short film itself, check out the behind-the-scenes vid first…

Ok, now the scene is set here’s the actual short film itself. Now keep in mind all I had in my tool kit was the D7100 (awesome camera by the way), a macro, a fisheye and my favourite of all – a brilliantly sharp and delicious 35mm f1.8. Bring on the Hills Hoist, a sunny day and we’re away… enjoy The Sock & The Peg!

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Published by Jason van Genderen Aug 28, 2013