Elle Britt’s Week as the MSFW Emerging Stylist!

Elle Britt, an assisting freelance stylist (with a background in Visual Merchandising at RMIT) won the MSFW Emerging Stylist position. A place she certainly worked hard for as her client list includes: Dotti, Metalicus, Review, Cotton On, Florshiem and Project Runway for TVC.

We caught up with Elle to chat about her week as the 2012 MSFW Emerging Stylist!

What was your typical day as the MSFW Emerging Stylist like? 

  • Head to the Presidential Suite at Grand Hyatt Melbourne, on the 33rd floor, at 8am
  • Organise with Kristy (stylist) which of the Faces/ Ambassadors need to be dressed for various VIP activities and runway appearances
  • Pull clothing and accessories from selected fashion stores
  • Prep the clothing and style the ‘Faces’ of MSFW for each event/ runway
  • Return of the products
  • Head with the Faces to the 7pm MSFW runway shows
  • Observe the fabulous shows and amazing clothes! Seeing Christine’s collection was a real highlight, most likely my favourite.

Can you share your favourite moment from the week? 

On the night of MSFW Designer Series Runway 1,  I was sent to Town Hall with a shoe option for Emily (One of the MSFW Faces). I had planned to get showered and changed at Grand Hyatt Melbourne before heading down to the 9pm show; however my little plan did not work out! I was quickly informed that I would be attending the earlier show. So, surprised and unprepared, I found myself sitting second row, completely star struck across from ASHER KEDDIE in my CONVERSE, casual as ever, no make-up, seat filling (which became my new favourite role of the week).

But don’t worry yourselves; I remembered to pack a pair of heels everyday for the rest of the week!

How did you capture and record your week? 

I spent the entire week with my new Nikon1J1 (one of our competition prizes!) hanging around my neck. Thank goodness for the lanyard, I had it with me at all times. And it’s a pretty chic colour, too!


What did you learn/ take away from being the MSFW Emerging Stylist? 

The whole week I could not wipe the smile off my face! I had the opportunity to meet and work with people I look up to, whilst learning all about the runway lifestyle. Working with Kristy McBeth (MSFW Stylist) was so inspiring; it’s safe to say I gained invaluable experience working alongside her. Every day she taught me a new trick of the trade and always had a story to share.

Lastly, can you share a little advice for all those aspiring stylists out there? 

  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. The more you do, the more you learn and it will only benefit you in the future.
  • Contact anyone and offer you assistance at any opportunity
  • Be prepared to work for nothing, but know something good will always come from it and your hard work eventually pays off
  • Winning the MSFW Emerging Stylist competition has been such an amazing experience and I am truly grateful for what I have gained and look forward to what’s to come!
  • Thank you to City of Melbourne for this amazing opportunity, and to Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Nikon and Officeworks for the amazing prizes!
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