And that’s a wrap! MSFW comes to an end…

As the 2012 MSFW Resident Blogger I was given the opportunity to live the ultimate dream life. Treated like fashion royalty at the Grand Hyatt and immersed in all the front row, backstage and behind the scenes action is certainly an out-of-the-ordinary experience, and a welcome change from my usual uni timetable!

Perhaps I will leave where I started, with my entry to the competition… It certainly sums up this week of innovative talent from the iconic designers, those in-between and the ones who are just finding their feet in this ever evolving industry!

“There’s nothing quite like the raw authenticity of Melbourne fashion; innovative and free yet tailored to reflect the current global fashion conversation. Held tightly down iddy-biddy charming lane-ways, nestled neatly in department stores or fused to the cultural happenings of our vibrant city. Melbourne fashion is forever beating to its own tune. And white the black-clad attire is embedded to out Melburnian DNA, this “darker” side is what allows us to experiment with bold shapes and cutting edge designs to create signature collections and influential designers.”

Published by mynikonlife Sep 21, 2012
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