Robert Lindsay


Member since December 2010.

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My introduction to photography was at the relatively old age of 24 while travelling through Thailand. I wanted to capture the mood and culture of the fascinating places I was visiting and knew that there would only be one chance. I had always taken photos during my travels but this trip gave me reason to think about composition and the technique behind each photo.

Upon returning from Thailand I applied to the Ultimo TAFE and was offered a place. There were three things that I was not aware of at that time,

1) Over 1500 people had applied for 150 positions, and

2) Four years is a long time to learn about photography, this course was going to cover more than just pointing and shooting.

3) Photography was about to become my love and my life.

I was fortunate enough to be learning photography at the time when Digital was just being talked about but not yet mainstream, this in hindsight was a blessing as I learnt the techniques of shooting film, getting the composition right in camera and not having the option of “fixing it in Photoshop”.

After learning the business of photography and what goes on behind the scenes from two photographers I still count as some of Sydney’s best photographers, I decided to go out on my own. I have the biggest respect for freelance photographers as I know firsthand what they go through and the stresses involved even before they pick up a camera. That helps me now in my role at Nikon, as part of the NPS program we assist working photographers with a wide range of requests. These range from the “what lens should I buy next” question to “I have this concept, how can we capture it”. Neither question I could honestly answer without going back to my past lives of photographer and assistant.

I honestly think I have one of the best jobs in the world with some great perks. Part of my role requires me to test every piece of equipment that Nikon make in real life scenarios, attend major sporting events alongside some of the greatest photographers in the world and work with our members on projects that are truly cutting edge. I count myself lucky to know so many people that truly love what they are doing with such a diverse range of genres of photography that they capturing, each and every day is bound to bring a surprise or two.