Nikon unveils SnapBridge for seamless social sharing


Nikon Australia is pleased to announce the launch of SnapBridge connectivity, a new and innovative software powered by Bluetooth* low energy technology that enables seamless sharing of moments in real time across smart devices.

Building on its heritage of pushing the envelope for innovation in the imaging field, Nikon has once more raised the bar, with the Bluetooth-powered connectivity of SnapBridge providing photographers with a wealth of convenient and connected services. This technology signals Nikon’s focus on building innovation across its software to effectively establish the camera as part of the ecosystem of personal devices.

SnapBridge via Bluetooth low energy enables continuous and immediate transfer of images from the camera to a smart device as they are captured in real-time. This is achieved automatically without a need to activate image transfer from the camera, while also keeping power consumption low for both. Users can also continue to enjoy mobile internet connectivity during image transfer, allowing them to check their e-mail or access social media even as their photographs are being synced between the devices.

“In today’s connected world, Nikon understands the importance of allowing our users to communicate as easily as possible. Nikon’s new SnapBridge has taken advantage of the developments in Bluetooth connectivity to increase speed and ease of use in immediate photo sharing,” said James Murray, Director of Sales & Marketing, Nikon Australia. “This innovative software enhances the user experience, allowing them to share their exciting adventures with family and friends as they happen across their smart devices.”

SnapBridge will be a standard feature in almost every new Nikon camera from 2016 onwards.

The pairing of Nikon cameras and smart devices begins with the SnapBridge application1, available for iOS and Android on Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.

1App will be downloadable directly from the Nikon website in China

Published by mynikonlife Jan 6, 2016
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