Torah Bright in Town

Hi to everyone in the My Nikon Life community We have had a busy few weeks with just about the whole resort open, a visit from Gold Olympic Medalist Torah Bright and lots of filming. Most days have been either blue bird or wintry so it’s been nice being able to mix it up and learn to take photos in all different conditions.


Torah Bright in the halfpipe, now known as “Bright’s Pipe”

I was thrilled to get this snap. Torah rides so quick, so you either get the shot or miss it. There were photographers lined either side of the pipe with fancy cameras and lenses and I think my shot was just as good (if not better

Perisher Afternoon Snow Report for the 22nd of August.

Milo Kids

I love the colour in this photo. I walk past the Milo Kids school area every day and there’s always so much going on. It’s rare you see the children standing still for long, so I took advantage of the candid moment.

Powder Day

Skiers and boarders live for powder days! In amongst the trees is where you’ll find the fresh untouched snow and lots of smiling faces. I love the definition of the snow in this photo. The D5000 captured the contours of the snow perfectly, you can see the skier’s fresh tracks and his bright clothing just sets everything off.

Blizzard conditions

I was originally very reluctant to take the camera out while it’s snowing. I just didn’t think it would work. But on the contrary, most of the photos I’ve taken in blizzard like conditions are among my favourites. Mind you everyone at work played on my greenness and managed to convince me there was a thing called a ‘Snow Lens” that I was meant to be using. Gullible I know! I used the manual settings for this one.

Amazing Sky

The other day the sky turned an amazing purple-blue colour. It only lasted a few moments, enough time for me to run and grab the camera. Even from a distance I was able to capture the lines in the freshly groomed road. I love returning to my computer and being surprised with just how good the photos turn out.

It’s really hard to believe it’s already the end of August and there’s just over a month left of the season. I’m making the most of what’s left, loving the great snow conditions and capturing some great moments.

You can keep an eye on what we’re doing here at Perisher via twitter and facebook, we’d love to know what you think. My afternoon snow reports are uploaded daily.

Back Soon!

Kellie Schlecht

Published by mynikonlife Aug 22, 2010
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