Profile of Monty Coles

Monty Coles, a Melbourne based photographer, settled here from the UK in 1977. He has mainly worked in the editorial fashion world with extensive experience in London and New York. Monty was working on Wall St in 1967 when he bought a first generation Nikon camera and a hobby soon became a profession.

His career was kick started by an invitation to document Twiggy’s visit to Japan for the English press (Twiggy was the first internationally recognised model). He later worked with the young Anna Wintour for British Harpers Bazaar. Other clients included Harrods, Selfridges, Marks and Spencer and The Times, as well as work in Paris and Italy. A highlight was 10 years working exclusively for Vogue Australia under the legendary Editor in Chief, June McCallum, during the 80’s. During this period he shot over twenty Vogue covers and hundreds of fashion/beauty editorial pages on glamorous locations around the world.

Photo by Monty Coles

In 1989 Vogue commissioned Monty to photograph specially produced garments for an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, showcasing Australian designers.

Monty is currently developing which takes a closer look at Melbourne’s unique fashion/cultural scene.

Photo by Monty Coles

Monty Coles will present a free Nikon School fashion photography seminar at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on Tuesday 31st August. He will showcase some of his images from behind the scenes of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, as well conducting a live photoshoot to share some of his tips with budding fashion photographers. For more information on the Nikon School Fashion Photography seminars at MSFW

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