Nikon’s D3S takes Norfolk Island to the world

In September 2010, the beauty of Norfolk Island – one of the most stunning islands off the Eastern Australian seaboard – was captured on Nikon’s D3S camera.

Norfolk Island is a sanctuary that’s withstood the test of time to become a retreat for those seeking a different way of life. As part of a new tourism initiative, Norfolk Island’s peace and tranquility is being taken to the world. To make this happen, it was especially important that Norfolk’s flora, fauna, lifestyle and culture were captured by a camera that shows off the best there is in image quality.

Video from Norfolk Island Tourism

Photo from Norfolk Island Tourism

The Nikon D3S was the natural camera choice for both the director and photographer to shoot both the video content for the films, as well as for the production of the stills, for its incredible high shutter speeds, greater depth of field and the fantastic performance in low light.

Photo from Norfolk Island Tourism

In the hands of the cameraman, this versatile and professional camera (with a specially designed rig that allows it to be used in the same way as a traditional shoulder mounted film / video camera) performed exceptionally over the 5 days of intensive filming and photography.

Photo from Norfolk Island Tourism

The Result?

Four emotive, beautifully photographed and well-told short films that launched on the website and across the Internet, and a photography series, that pays homage to a wonderful people, a dramatic setting and a way of life that’s a treasure to behold.

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Published by mynikonlife Feb 17, 2011
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