Mark Watson – The Whole Nine Yards

Nikon Ambassador and Adventure Photographer Mark Watson takes us behind the scenes of his latest journey.

Watch this footage and join Mark Watson and the North Face team on this awe-inspiring trip to New Zealand’s South Island. Watson spent two days with four of their most talented free skiers – like New Zealander Frazer McDoughall in the mountains. Equipped with survival and camera gear such as the Nikkor 24mm f/2.8, D3x SB-800, 3x SB-900 speedlights for afternoon shots, the 200-400 VR2 for long shots and the 16 mm fish eye he took hundreds of breathtaking shots and was able to capture both the beauty of nature and some amazing stunts of his crew.

“I was a little tentative before we launched into it”, he admitted, “I haven’t done any snow sports photography for over a year.”

When I am shooting something like snow boarding or mountain biking you are constantly thinking about the shot, the next shot, the location, the surrounds, the lights. So you end up not only being exhausted from having to travel around using skies, snowboards, mountain bikes or whatever but also exhausted mentally because you are constantly switched on looking for that next shot.

At 7am on a cold, sunny morning, the group jumped out of the helicopter and directly into the ‘North Face-whole nine yards’ adventure.

“This trip was more about the experience than it was purely about a photo shot.”
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