To celebrate the launch of the Nikon D4 earlier this year we posted a breath-taking film by renowned adventure photographer and extreme sports enthusiast, Corey Rich. Entitled simply ‘WHY’, the film profiles three incredible athletes and their passions for the extreme sports of kayaking, mountain biking and free rock-climbing. If you missed it, there’s another chance to see it below.

Corey and his team shot the entire film in three remote locations over a period of just twelve days using a Nikon D4 DSLR camera – and a host of highly durable equipment that could cope with the rough terrain. His new behind-the-scenes film, entitled ‘HOW of WHY’, documents the team’s challenges in capturing the boldest images possible and reveals how they overcame the huge geographic obstacles lying in their way. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a professional photographer, this film will show you just how gruelling – and exhilarating – that job can be.

Corey’s motivation for capturing the athletes’ performance was to inspire others. In a follow-up to his commentary on the video, Corey took the time to share his early inspirations when Nikon approached him and why it was so important to illustrate how hard everyone worked on the project:

“I have often said if I wasn’t a filmmaker and photographer, I would be a teacher. There’s great satisfaction in sharing knowledge & experience to help spark the creative fire in others.

When Nikon approached me to be a part of the D4 release project, not only did they ask me to produce a video and stills, showing off the attributes of the new camera, they were also looking for a behind the scenes video spot detailing how ‘WHY’ came together. This was an amazing opportunity, as it allowed me to simultaneously be both a filmmaker/photographer and a teacher. This meant everyone in the crew had to work twice as hard, especially Dane Henry.

Capturing the action behind the scenes became just as important as the hero footage and stills. ‘HOW of WHY’ is a great illustration of everyone’s hard work and ability to multitask, plus proof that we all had a lot fun along the way!”

If you missed ‘WHY’ the first time round – or want to see Corey’s incredible work again – take a look at the video below

Published by mynikonlife Apr 10, 2012
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