Holly’s Charity Trek

Earlier this year Nikon was proud to announce the sponsorship of Holly Brisley’s 2010 Mt Kilimanjaro Expedition.

It will be a 12 day trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of an annual event organised by the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

Nikon Australia has generously pledged a substantial sum of money to Humpty Dumpty Foundation & Holly Brisley who must personally raise $50,000 to participate in the climb.

We now have her latest update for you as she prepares for the trek. Enjoy!


From Holly:

(To see Holly’s Photo Gallery of her latest photos as she prepares for the trek, just click here)

As I sit down to write this I can’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach and that special sort of nervous energy you get when something big is about to happen in your life, eg,
the suspenseful feeling you get when waiting for the birth of your child, the lead up to your school carnival and your big race, waiting for the phone to ring with the outcome of an important job interview or in my case a casting, walking down the aisle on your wedding day, all those big moments!

For me, that nervous feeling is getting increasingly stronger as the days rapidly slip away and my departure date is almost upon me.

This was from a trip we did to the Blue Mountains 2 weekends ago. It was freezing so luckily I had bought my son his very first ski suit

I have a mixture of excitement, fear (questions of, have I trained enough and will I make it…constantly running in my head), sadness at having to leave my 1 year old son and husband for 12 days, empowerment (I can take on the world) and so many other emotions boiling around in my body right now that I think I’m literally going to self combust any second. I’m a melting pot of emotion and it’s only going to get worse over the next week!

To keep you in the loop, at the beginning of the year I signed up as part of the 2010 Mt Kilimanjaro ultimate burn club (Departing 29th July) to raise over 1 million dollars collectively (each member must raise $50 000 to participate) for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation a wonderful Foundation that helps put sick children back together in both Australia & East Timor. This commitment not only requires that I raise $50 000, but also, that I climb the tallest freestanding mountain in the world – Mt Kilimanjaro. Having never climbed a mountain of any sort (Bondi rd – which is a slight incline, would most likely be by biggest to date??’

But the answer you see is pretty simple.. I’m doing it FOR THE KIDS

Ok, so the picture I’ve just painted doesn’t sound too positive, but on the flip side is the fact that I’ve already made some amazing new friends, I’ve ventured further than the end of my driveway onto some of the most picturesque walks around Sydney and the Blue Mountains which just wouldn’t have happened were it not for this challenge; I’m getting fitter by the second and I do really feel as though I’m making a big difference in the world – (rather than just turning up to charity functions and drinking free champagne which was my charity work of the past! 🙂

Myself and two other trekkers who’ll be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with me, Graham and Anton. My son Levi’s on my back and we’re under a waterfall in the Blue Mountains. (same weekend)

In order to help raise part of the remaining amount, my friend Alice Hocking, communication manager at Estee Lauder and myself will be putting on a movie night next Tuesday night (27th of July) and everyone is welcome to come. It’s a private screening of THE RUNAWAYS starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning
Tickets are $35 per head and include a free wine or beer a little choccie and a $100 voucher for Camilla (and more) + lucky door prizes and the most amazing raffle prizes on the night.

To purchase tickets for the night or to donate you can go to Everyday Hero Website , here you will also find out more about me and why I put my name down for such a crazy thing!

Movie night details:
HOYTS Fox studios @ 6pm, Tuesday 27th of July.
$35 per ticket. (make sure you include your name and how many tickets)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m hoping that my nerves will calm down once I’m on the flight to Africa as then all I need to focus on at that point is getting up the mountain and getting home in one piece.
I think the statistics for the climb say that only 40% of people make it to the top (5 895 meters) and 30% of people die attempting it I’m not sure what happens to the other 30%

(In fact I’m not sure I want to know

I’ll write again next week, most likely from the airport on my departure day and then again from Africa.
I hope I can have a decent nights sleep before then.

Holly xx

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