David Adams’ Mystery of the Oxus 1 – The journey begins

What is it that inspires a photojournalist to go where others fear to tread?

In this first installment of the 6 part series, exclusively for My Nikon Life, we tap into what it is that drives David Adams to lead an expedition that has never been documented before.

We also see how the advancements in Nikon camera technology now allow a photojournalist to move ahead in leaps and bounds, to be nimble and fast through formidable terrain. Epic stories can now be beautifully shown through the lens of a single camera.

Join My Nikon Life and David Adams over the next six weeks and we unlock secrets of civilisations that pre-date Ancient Egypt. Watch the journey unfold as Adams uses the Nikon D7000 to capture a stunning visual library of our cultural history.

Read more about David Adams and see the Documentary series unfold here

Published by mynikonlife Dec 15, 2010
Categories: Life, News