Behind the scenes access at LMFF

The L’OREAL Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) kicked off last night with the Fashion Full Stop Opening Show. It was the biggest opening runway LMFF has ever staged. As the Official Camera of LMFF, Nikon was able to capture all the behind the scenes action.

Photographer Monty Coles got us a sneak-peak into the world behind the runway. The opening show focused on Australian fashion and music over the years. It was a celebration of the iconic designers, labels, styles and moments that have shaped Australia’s fashion history.

Monty uses the Nikon D3S for superior image quality in extreme low light conditions, and as the pictures below show, the D3S shines. The large ISO range (from ISO-100 to ISO-102,400) ensures you always get the shot you need, regardless of light conditions.

Photo by Monty Coles –

Nearly 5,000 people attended what has been described as a “major theatrical show” by new creative director Grant Pearce.

Photo by Monty Coles –

“I’ve aimed to make it a celebration of Australian fashion that can involve everyone”, said Pearce.

Photo by Monty Coles –

“There are so many different areas – you’ve got very high, high-end designer evening wear like Alex Perry and then you’ve got incredible fashion creativity from some of the students that will be featured in the Sportsgirl runway show.”

Photo by Monty Coles –

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop for the remainder of the festival – keep tuned for our photos of the Daniela Federici retrospective exhibition and masterclass, being shown as part of this year’s LMFF cultural program.

For more information and to keep up with the latest updates – head over to the Nikon & LMFF partnership page.

To learn more about the Nikon D3S, and its superior low light capabilities, head over to the D3S Gear Page.

Published by mynikonlife Mar 14, 2011
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