Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year 2010

Nikon Ambassador, Rocco Ancora has been named the Australian Wedding Photographer of the year for 2010…

This is taken from an article on Rocco’s website.

I feel honoured and somewhat overwhelmed by winning Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year for the 4th time. I guess dreams really do come true when you LOVE what you do and have a passion for the industry that you work in.

I remember the very first time that I attended an APPA event in 1994 and being inspired by the images that were being judged and began to wonder if it would ever be possible for me to achieve such a high standard of craft and skill in my image making. Feeling like a small child contemplating to climb Mt Everest I joined the AIPP and the journey began.

From that day the AIPP has been the keystone to my success as each year the APPA awards would help me lift the standard in my image making just that little bit higher. A big thank you to my Nikon family for allowing me to present on their stand during PMA, their help and support in conjunction with Kayell Australia, Canson Arches papers is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to all the category winners and all those who participated in the event and thank you to all my colleagues who have inspired and supported me throughout my journey to date. Looking forward to seeing you all at “THE EVENT” in October.