‘Australian For Life’ Competition Winners

Along with our partner Surf Life Saving, we’re excited to announce the winners for this summer’s ‘Australian For Life’ assignment.

We simply asked you to capture what it means to be Australian.

In six weeks we got hundreds of great entries of quintessentially Australian moments from across the country.

A winner was chosen from each state and they received:

1. Enrollment into Nikon School’s ‘Introduction to DSLR’ course
2. Nikon D3100 DSLR 18-55mm VR & 55-300mm VR twin lens kit valued at $1449 RRP
3. A ‘Nikon Ambassador Experience’ where all winners will be flown from their nearest capital
city to spend a day with some of the Nikon Ambassadors

There were three judges:

1. Australian swimming champion Geoff Huegill
2. Nikon Ambassador and one of Australia’s leading sports photographers Mark Watson
3. Ironwoman Champion Naomi Flood

They spent several days reviewing the unprecedented volume of entries and were really impressed by the standard of photography in the entries. There was a bit of a recurring theme in defining what it means to be Australian For Life: Australia’s unique coastal landscape, a “can do” attitude and inspiring people.

The Australian for Life photo competition was a great opportunity for all members of the community, young and old, to embrace summer, get outside, get active and photograph some of their favourite Australian moments. As a judge of the competition, I was looking for inspiring moments captured on camera, Geoff Huegill explained.

All winning photographs will be displayed at a special exhibition at Bondi Beach in Sydney (1/1 Notts Avenue, Bondi Beach) from the 27 – 30 January 2011.

Some tough decisions had to be made and here are the winners per state including the top 4 finalists.

Winner New South Wales/ACT – Glefoe
Winner Northern Territory – Ange
Winner Queensland – MichaelSheperd
Winner South Australia – Malcolm Edward Cole
Winner Tasmania – caseyjones
Winner Western Australia – nadapantle
Winner Victoria – shelleodgers


Winner New South Wales/ACT – Glefoe

Winner: Glefoe – View Album
Finalist: yvette – View Album

Finalist: jondibbs – View Album

Finalist: euanpoulton – View Album

“This image epitomizes Sydney’s beach side pools. On any given morning, winter or summer, the older generation ‘icebreakers’ swim laps, enjoying the Sydney beachside lifestyle whilst the younger generation surf in the background. The colours and ambiance of this photo make it a winner in my eyes. The photo grabs your attention and I love the elderly lady, bright coloured costume, purple swimming cap… What a great moment caught on camera”, Mark Watson comments.


Winner Northern Territory – Ange

Winner: Ange – View Album
Finalist: jessplus5 – View Album
Finalist: Crossy10 – View Album
Finalist: philx – View Album

“Campfires, camping chairs and friends at the beach, what is more Australian. This shot is really special and I love the innocence of the little ones as they enjoy Australia’s coastal offerings”, Geoff Huegill describes.


Winner Queensland – MichaelShepherd

Winner: MichaelShepherd – View Album
Finalist: Nancy_Branston – View Album
Finalist: Si Dylan Conrad – View Album

Finalist: chelsea – View Album

“This photo caught my attention and then proceeded to confuse me. I assumed it was taken in QLD, but the photo appears to be sunset and therefore must be taken on a West facing beach??? Or is it morning? Who cares? The sun shining through Australian flags atop handheld poles offers a subliminal surf life saving message. The kids playing at the waters edge. How truly ‘Australian for life'”, Mark Watson points out.


Winner South Australia – Malcolm Edward Cole

Winner: Malcolm Edward Cole – View Album
Finalist: georgia – View Album
Finalist: Katym – View Album

Finalist: sarsi – View Album

“This is a wonderful natural shot of a great Australian homestead on a beautiful afternoon with the threat of a bizarre weather change. I think it represents the extremes of the Australian countryside at its best”, Naomi Flood explains.


Winner Tasmania – caseyjones

Winner: caseyjones – View Album
Finalist: JAcqui29 – View Album
Finalist: Joshua Freeman – View Album
Finalist: markseaton – View Album

“The red and yellow flags at the beach meets a brewing storm off the ocean is a true representation of a scorching day at the beach in Australia. The colours are fantastic in the shot”, Geoff Huegill comments.


Winner Western Australia – nadapantle

Winner: nadapantle – View Album
Finalist: lane0053 – View Album
Finalist: lingatring – View Album
Finalist: Greg – View Album

“The classic baobab tree reminds me of those incredible Kimberly sunsets. This amazing tree is unique to Northern Australia have always intrigued me. A 1500 year old baobab near Derby, WA was even used as a temporary gaol in the 1800’s. North Western Australia and it is one of my favourite parts of this great land. The dusty outback is an icon of Australia and this image captures one of the great features of our great land”, Mark Watson comments.


Winner Victoria – shellodgers

Winner: shellodgers – View Album
Finalist: kimbrewer – View Album
Finalist: NL84 – View Album
Finalist: bigben – View Album

“I love this photo, I can relate to as a child getting smashed by the ocean shorey and being covered in sand, some of the best fun”, Naomi Flood dreams.


Click here to view all the assignment entries.

Stay tuned for the next assignment and your opportunity to share your images with the My Nikon Life community.

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