Announcing the winner of ‘I AM Stoked’

In November last year we were proud to announce our new partnership with Australia’s peak surfing organisation – Surfing Australia.

As part of this relationship, we launched the assignment, ‘I AM Stoked’ – all about capturing the essence of surfing. From the ecstatic feeling of catching a barrel, to the first ever time a grommet stands on their board, we asked you to show us surfing as you know it.

Today we’re excited to announce the winner for ‘I AM Stoked’.

Winner: Robin Ella Mather – My Nikon Life member ‘rope’.

Winner - Robin Ella Mather


“Surfing Australia congratulates Robin on winning the Nikon ‘I AM Stoked’ competition,” said Jake White, Surfing Australia General Manager – Marketing and Communications.

“The winning photo was clearly unique, with an innovative water perspective. Robin’s image is a testament to the high quality entries received. The difficulty of this shot to catch the back of the wave in such clarity while the school of fish swam through really put this image at the top of our judging list. The detailed silhouette of the hand against the barrel is awesome – this surfer must have been stoked.”

Stephanie Gilmore

The Prize

As the winner, Robin has scored a brand new limited edition custom Stephanie Gilmore DHD Surfboard – custom shaped. Congratulations Robin!

Published by mynikonlife Feb 6, 2013