AdNews Recognises Nikon as one of Best Cinema Ads of 2012

In 2011, the Nikon cinema ad achieved Google’s Top 10 most searched ads (the only technology ad to make the cut).
Over 12 months later and we are so proud to say it has hit the top of the charts again!

The Nikon cinema ad was acknowledged by AdNews as one of the best cinema ads of 2012:

“A magnificent commercial about the power of self-expression. You can’t help but feel a little clogged up watching this one in the darkness of the theatre, as the enchanting ‘Welcome Home Son’ by Radical Face leads the viewer through an emotional photographic journey. The 3D effects (created by Val Morgan and Park Roads) only heighten the intensity”.

We are so honoured, and hope you too have enjoyed the ’emotional photographic journey’.

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Published by mynikonlife Jan 15, 2013
Categories: Life, News