Why – A film of extreme adventure by Corey Rich shot with a Nikon D4

Corey Rich is one of the most recognized adventure and outdoor lifestyle visual storytellers. He recently created a stunning short film, entitled ‘Why’, which explores individuals pushing themselves to the limit.

Tasked with shooting his ultimate short film, Corey profiles luminaries in the worlds of biking, kayaking and free climbing exercising their skills against some incredible backdrops. Using the Nikon D4, here are some of the images and the film in full that he came up with.

First, Corey finds world-champion Kayaker Dane Jackson, from the Jackson family of world champion kayakers standing at the foot of the Tomata & San Pedro Falls in Veracruz, Mexico. In a challenging environment shot over two days, Corey has to deal with all the elements – unpredictable weather, limited sunlight and fast-moving subjects – that could seriously hamper shooting opportunities.

Next, Corey took to the mountains in Moab, Utah with professional mountain biker Rebecca Crush. Like the kayak shoot, Corey was again faced with battling nature as he combats the effect of the cold along with the harsh conditions of water spray, wind and sand in order to capture some great footage of Rebecca descending the slopes. You can check out some more videos from Rebecca here.


Image © Corey Rich

Finally, Corey teamed up with extreme free climber Alex Honnold in the picturesque surroundings of the Joshua Tree National Park. Perhaps one of the most challenging locations for a photographer – frequently hanging from cliffs, climbing up/down sheer walls with the camera, along with the dangers Alex himself was putting in – really meant there was no room for errors. Luckily, with the Nikon D4 he was able to get the perfect photograph every time.


Image © Corey Rich

Published by mynikonlife Feb 20, 2012
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