Want access to ‘A Level’ sports events? Delly Carr has answers

Nikon Ambassador Delly Carr recently sent My Nikon Life a collection of inspirational images and shared the story behind the pictures. Read on for his account of how taking opportunities can lead to truly stunning photography.

“Many budding sports photographers always ask me how they could get access to ‘A Level’ sports events to help build their portfolio. Almost always, my answer to them is that they need to look outside of the square”, says Carr

“You need to go to events or places where access is carefree and the action is plentiful. Last weekend I had a rare Saturday afternoon off – my chores were done, there was no decent sport to watch on TV, and so I typed ‘rodeo’ into Google.”

Photography by Nikon Ambassador Delly Carr

Delly continues – “75 minutes later and with my Nikon gear in the boot of my car I had driven to the country town of Morisset. I paid my $20 to get in, grabbed a fat juicy steak & onion sandwich, and walked around the rodeo to see what I might be able to shoot.”

Photography by Nikon Ambassador Delly Carr

“I photographed the first bull ride, got a nice action photo, but then noted that we were about to experience a beautiful summer country sunset. So I packed away my 600mm lens for my favourite 50mm, and politely walked into the Cowboys warm-up arena. My D3S handled the fading light with ease – it was a great shoot”, says Carr.

Photography by Nikon Ambassador Delly Carr

“Three hours from when I had originally left home, I was back again with a bagful of unique images that were all taken out of my comfort zone and I was very proud off. I went to bed that night with a big smile on face.”

You can read more about Nikon Ambassador Delly Carr here.

Published by mynikonlife Dec 30, 2010
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