Creative Lighting – Interview with Rob Lindsay

In a 3-minute interview, Rob Lindsay from Nikon Professional Services explains the features and opportunities available for advanced amateurs and pro’s using the built-in Creative Lighting System (CLS) in many Nikon DSLR’s.

Designed for DSLR cameras, you will be amazed how this system will take your photography to a new level. The CLS allows the use of multiple flash units to unveil your imagination and create every conceivable combination of lighting wirelessly.

Rob Lindsay is a professional photographer and works for Nikon Professional Services Australia. As part of his role he is very fortunate to be able to test every new piece of equipment that Nikon develops in real life scenarios, he also assists working photographers to choose the right equipment and give them advice. For more information about Rob Lindsay, visit his profile.

The speedlight featured in this article is the SB900.

Published by mynikonlife Dec 15, 2010
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