Stunning Melbourne Cup Carnival launch image two years in the making

Olivia Molly Rogers

Shot on a Nikon D5 Lens (70-200mm): at 78mm ISO: 1600 Aperture: 10 Shutter: 1/1600

This amazing image from Jason Edwards features Olivia Molly Rogers surrounded by 40 homegrown Australian Stock Horses was created by the team at Bogong Horse Riding Adventures.

Below is the story in Jason’s own words and the BTS footage of the shoot as this, ladies and gentlemen, is no composite! This is teamwork, dedication and brilliant timing all in one.

“Two years ago I witnessed the Baird brothers Lin and Clay gallop their mob of more than 40 horses down their front driveway, moving them between paddocks at their family run business, Bogong horseback adventures in Tawonga, Alpine Victoria. It was an unbelievable sight and I instantly wanted to capture a portrait of someone standing strong in all that chaos.”

“The launch of the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Festival was the perfect event, but it took more than two years and two attempts both robbed by weather before I was able to pull it all together.”

“I knew the picture would live and die by being able to find a model who was brave enough to have her back turned to so many almost out of control horse as they thundered directly for her. As terrifying as all that is, she would then also be clutching the two hundred thousand dollar 2018 Lexus Melbourne Cup in one hand, all the while trying her best to look stunning.”

“Former Miss Universe Olivia Molly Rogers, stood in the middle of the road, hoisted the Melbourne Cup and over the radio, I gave the signal to open the gate. Everything went almost perfectly to plan as all the horses flew past her only inches away, then swarmed past me sitting in the middle of the road whipping my face with their tails as they went leaving so much dust we could both hardly breathe. It was frightening to sit facing that many horses galloping at you, but as they say, anything for the shot! I’ve never had an image that so many people have just disregarded as a fake until they see the behind the scenes footage, I’ve been taking that as a compliment.”


Published by mynikonlife Nov 7, 2018
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