Revitalised NIKON IMAGE SPACE with upgraded features to share and store images

Nikon Australia is pleased to announce that the NIKON IMAGE SPACE smart device app, Nikon’s online photo sharing service, has now been revamped with a user-friendly storage and share functionality.

Originally launched in January 2013, NIKON IMAGE SPACE is a free online storage service and platform for sharing and appreciating images.

NIKON IMAGE SPACE is equipped with three new modes that allow users to enjoy photos from a variety of angles. View mode supports intuitive browsing of photos, while the new Report mode enables analysis of uploaded images to evaluate aspects such as a user’s photographic style and habits. The Organise mode, for desktops only, has also been improved to enable easier and more intuitive photo organisation with a left-and-right pane layout.

Photo sharing functions have also been improved via the share duration function, which allows users to set a fixed period of time to share selected images with others. In addition, users will now also be able to receive support for their images with the introduction of a new ‘praise’ button.

A collaboration with SnapBridge, the new Nikon app announced in January 2016 that enables constant connection between a Nikon digital camera and a smart device using Bluetooth® low energy1, is also planned for development. This will enable automatic uploads of an unlimited number of 2-MP images to NIKON IMAGE SPACE from SnapBridge with a registered Nikon ID2.

1 The start of the collaboration with SnapBridge will be announced once the schedule has been determined

2 “Nikon ID” refers to a new individual ID for user registration necessary to enjoy Nikon services. E-mail addresses registered with SnapBridge will serve as Nikon IDs, allowing users to receive services provided by Nikon. Registration is free. A Nikon ID registration site was launched on February 22, 2016

Published by mynikonlife Feb 23, 2016
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