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Photo taken by Adam Resch

Adam Resch has never been afraid to demonstrate a bit of creative enterprise when it comes to getting his own way.

It started when he was still at school and began jumping the fences at rugby league games to glean tips off the busy sideline photographers. It amplified when in 2001 he was offered work experience at a multinational camera retail outlet and he convinced them to employ him fulltime so he could take advantage of the generous employee discount. And it continues to this day when the 31-year-old bends the ears of estate agents in the hopes they will break with tradition and adopt a more fluid way of capturing their vendor’s offerings.

It may be nearly a decade since receiving his first paid commission, but it was nearly half a lifetime ago when the young Sydney-sider first began taking pictures. Having topped the class in photography in years 11 and 12, Adam initially picked up photography as a hobby, shooting whenever he had spare time, yet never imaging it would one day lead to a career.

Photo taken by Adam Resch

But after learning to understand the capabilities of good equipment, the passion of the professional photography community and their willingness to share their expertise with anyone who showed an interest, he realised that when put altogether he had everything he needed to give it a red, hot go.

“These days people are too focussed on themselves. [But] the photography community is very friendly and supportive of one another. Every photographer I meet is generally a friendly nice person. When I first wanted to [turn pro] people would say: ‘That’s a tough industry to be successful in’. I always saw that as a challenge. Challenges keep you excited and have made me want to achieve more and more both in photography and life in general.”

In 2006, he undertook a Certificate IV in photo imaging through Ultimo TAFE and later secured his first full-time work in the sector when he was employed to shoot images for a real estate marketing company based in Surry Hills. “I went for an interview and got the job with no experience. Initially at the start I didn’t know if I liked interiors and architecture photography. But after six months in the job I came to love it.”

Photo taken by Adam Resch

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway, 2011 saw him launch his eponymous photography business and in 2016 upgraded his camera equipment to Nikon.

Today his camera of choice is the Nikon D810 accompanied by the NIKKOR AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED and NIKKOR AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lenses. “I wanted a camera that was the best in dynamic range. In my field, highlight and shadow detail is very important. After doing my research I found that the majority of Nikon cameras dynamic range was superior to other brands.”

Photo taken by Adam Resch

Unlike the real estate assistant who broke her leg after falling down stairs on his commercial shoot, Adam and his Nikons have yet to put a foot wrong. Captivated by the variety of different buildings to which he is exposed, Adam has been quick to build up a core base of real estate agencies, property developers, architects, interior designers and stylists eager to use his skills to promote their own.

Around 85 percent of his work is in real estate however his imagery has wide appeal appearing across a multitude of print and digital media, including Grand Designs Magazine and multiple architect, building company and real estate websites. While the difficulties of navigating traffic to attend bookings across the city sometimes gets him down, he says the most enjoyable part of his work is getting up close and personal to some of Sydney’s most expensive, and iconic, buildings and homes.

“I’m very particular with my interior work. My attention to detail in setting up images is what I pride myself in. At the start of my career in real estate photography it was all about wide images. Recently this has shifted and agencies are more open to capturing more creatively using tighter composed images. Most of my clients now want to incorporate [a variety] of creative images among the more [traditional-style] shots.”

Photo taken by Adam Resch

With the last-minute nature of his work, Adam says it is difficult to anticipate what the next few months will bring from a professional stand point but Spring is traditionally his busiest period. His calendar from last year shows he did more than 80 interior and architecture jobs in just one four-week period.

“December is very quiet for me I generally like do an Australia road trip and focus on nature/landscape photography as this is my chill out photography away from my busy work schedule.”

To see more of Adam’s work see his website here or follow him on Instagram here.

[Words by Tracey Porter]

Published by mynikonlife Oct 11, 2017
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