Nikon Product Voluntary Recall: SB-103 Nikonos Speedlight (sold 1984-1994)


SB-103 Nikonos Speedlight
Sold between June 1984 and July 1994

We have an important announcement regarding the SB-103 Nikonos Speedlight, which was sold until November in 1994.

In 1998, we announced the Product Safety recall of SB-103 Speedlights in some regions. However, as we have yet to recover all SB-103 Speedlights sold, we are announcing this Product Safety recall again. Your cooperation with our effort to recover SB-103 Speedlights is greatly appreciated.

Excerpt from original (1998) announcement
While there are no problems with the SB-103 when all of the noted precautions are observed with use, in some extremely rare cases, the batteries may emit hydrogen gas (for example, if NiCd batteries with differing charge levels are used). When this gas mixed with the air inside the SB-103 and the SB-103 was fired, spark generated by the flash head could cause the front of the flash head to pop out, resulting in a burst incident.

In the interest of user safety and to prevent possible damage or injury, Nikon has issued a Product Safety recall of the SB-103 (flash unit only), which Nikon will purchase from users (includes freight arrangements). If you own an SB-103 Nikonos Speedlight, please contact Nikon Australia on 1300 401 200.

We apologise most sincerely for any trouble and inconvenience users of the SB-103 may have suffered, and want them to know that we are doing all we can to improve the quality of future products to prevent issues like this from occurring.

Nikonos Speedlight SB-103

SB-103 Nikonos Speedlight
(sync cord, bracket, and Wide-flash Adapter SW-103 are not applicable)
This Product Safety Recall applies to all 66,073 SB-103 Nikonos Speedlights manufactured between June 1984 and July 1994.

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