Nikon introduces the B700, B500, A900 and A300 to complete the 2016 COOLPIX series


Nikon Australia is pleased to announce the addition of four brand-new camera models, the B700, B500, A900 and A300 to complete the 2016 COOLPIX series. Now with 4K video recording1, superlapse movie creation1 and Nikon’s newly launched SnapBridge for smartphone connectivity, these new COOLPIX models are designed to see users through a variety of photographic situations and diverse editing needs.

Elevating the COOLPIX user journey is the launch of SnapBridge, Nikon’s unique low-energy Bluetooth connectivity experience, which turns the COOLPIX B700, B500, A900 and A300 into powerful image creation devices with always-on smartphone connectivity. SnapBridge enables continuous and immediate transfer of images from the camera to a smart device as they are captured in real-time. This service comes with a host of features for added convenience such as the embedding of location and image credit information, synchronisation of date and time, automatic uploading of photographs to Nikon Image Space storage area, as well as remote shooting via a Wi-Fi® connection for shake-free shots. Users looking to re-live holiday memories or special occasions can also browse camera images, even when the camera is turned off.

“With new and improved features such as 4K video recording and superlapse movie creation, the new COOLPIX range is designed to give everyday photographers greater flexibility and creativity in their image capture.” said James Murray, Director of Sales & Marketing, Nikon Australia. “The addition of SnapBridge connectivity is an especially exciting development, as it allows users to share their experience, be it images or videos, in real-time across their social network.”

1 Only available with the Nikon COOLPIX B700 and A900

Published by mynikonlife Feb 23, 2016
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