We’re the Official Camera and Lens Partner of Tropfest

Nikon is excited to announce their partnership as the official camera and lens brand of Tropfest. With major advancements in DSLR video technology, an increasing number of films are now being shot solely on DSLR. Nikon is committed to supporting these film makers through the continual development of advanced DSLR video technology, from entry level to professional, making it accessible to both amateur and professional film-makers.

Last week Nikon announced the new flagship D4 DSLR. The D4 is Nikon’s first FX DSLR with full HD video recording, capability to record uncompressed video to an external hard drive and Ethernet port and IP address for quick and easy file transfer anywhere in the world, making it Nikon’s most creative professional film making tool yet.

The crowds at Tropfest 2011
Nikon will be showcasing the complete range of new products at the Tropfest Symposium on February 18, including the Nikon D4.

In addition, multi-award winning film-maker Jason Van Genderen (Tropfest New York winner 2008 and Tropfest Australia runner up 2011) will be on hand at the Symposium as Nikon’s special guest speaker. He will be showcasing his latest short film shot exclusively for the Symposium on the Nikon D4. In this 45 minute DSLR film making workshop Jason will show exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, share his insights on DSLR film making and explain how DSLR technology is changing film making as we know it.

The crowds at Tropfest 2011
Van Genderen says: “There’s no question that DSLRs have changed the way we shoot films, and the D4 is quickly raising eyebrows around the world. The D4 is intuitive and easy to use, being able to implicitly trust in that technology now has opened a new door for me as a filmmaker.”

To further support Australian film-making talent, in addition to being crowned with the prestigious title, Nikon has provided a prize pack up to the value of $6,000RRP of Nikon gear for the winner of Tropfest 2012 to help them further their creative ambition.

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Published by mynikonlife Oct 9, 2012