2015 Australian Society of Travel Writers Awards for Excellence announced at Ayers Rock

Jocelyn Pride was named Australia’s best travel photographer at the 2015 Australian Society of Travel Writers Awards for Excellence announced at Ayers Rock Resort in the Northern Territory on Saturday night and proudly sponsored by Nikon Australia.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the ASTW is the leading organisation for travel media in the country, with nearly 300 members including travel writers, photographers, PRs, authors and broadcasters. This year, over 350 entries were received across the 16 Award categories with an exceptional calibre of entrants.

Pride, who has been a travel writer and photographer for four years, was recognised for three photos taken in Zanzibar and Alaska.

Hideaway (pictured above) was taken at Winterlake Lodge in Alaska, was published in Luxury Travel magazine.

“Winterlake Lodge fulfills the Alaskan dream – a backcounty lodge carved out of the forest accessible only by floatplane,” Pride says. “One morning we paddled the lake looking for moose. As I looked back at the lodge, the overwhelming beauty of the scene nearly made me tip the kayak. I took photos from every angle (while my husband did the paddling) and was so engrossed that I missed the moose standing on the bank behind us. I love this photo because I’m completely drawn to Alaska.”

Flyaway (pictured above) was taken in Alaska’s Inside Passage and also published in Luxury Travel.

“We were in a small boat and I watched this bald eagle sitting in the treetops for what seemed like hours,” Pride says. “As I was on the long end of my lens, my camera was getting heavier by the minute. A clue when eagles are about to take flight is that they poop. Patience was eventually rewarded as the eagle pooped then flew right past the boat. He was definitely on a mission and so was I – motor winder on overdrive as I held my breath to keep the camera steady. I love this photo because, as the symbol of America, this eagle represents strength, power and determination. The way the light caught the end of the feathers was a bonus.”

Castaway (pictured above) was taken at Pemba Island in Zanzibar and published in International Traveller magazine.

“I was up early walking along the beach at Fundu Lagoon, a ridiculously beautiful eco luxe resort hidden in the African jungle,” she says. “As I watched the cumulus clouds gather in the background, a dhow appeared in the distance. I framed the shot hoping like crazy the dhow would come into view. Zanzibar is full of intrigue and raw beauty. I like the way the calmness of the sea juxtapositions with the threatening sky and the local fishermen are just cruising along. The pastel colours add a different feel to the African landscape.”

For more information on the ASTW, please visit www.astw.org.au.

Published by mynikonlife Sep 11, 2015
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