Kane Skennar


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I love the D3&D3s respectively,but i just got my hands on the AW100 and was blown away how much fun i had with it.... For more commercial advertising i love the file sizes of the D3X. I love prime lenses,from 28mm to 85mm.But the zoom 70-200 F2.8 VR2 i cant put down!

Kane gives the impression that he likes his job. A LOT. Having worked all over the world shooting in amazing locations and places. His approach to his work see’s him pushing the boundaries of his art. He swings the pendulum between highly conceptual studio to earthy location shoots with ease. His sensitivity in dealing with his subject is always at the forefront of his work.

With a knack for delivering knockout and highly directional images, Kane is known for his polished contemporary style for publications such as Harpers Bazaar, GQ,Instyle, Grazia,Madison,Belle, Karen, Sunday Magazine,Sunday Life, Monster Children, Black, Oyster, Flavour, Rolling Stone, Mens Health, Shop, Cosmopolitan, Our People,Surfing America,Surfing World, Stab and pagesonline.

His most recent campaigns include Running Bare,Tree of life, Roxy,Von Zipper,Ksubi Eyewear Modular Records, Insight, Ksubi, Jeanswest, Quiksilver, Davenport, Nathan Smith, Flamingo Sands, Kaiser, Bassike, Chronicles of Never, Sony, Material Boy, Dion Lee, One Teaspoon, SDS, Rhythm, Alice McCall, Milk and Honey, RipCurl, Cassette Society, Arvust, Table Eight, Amstel, Trent Nathan, JAG, General Pants, Supre and Yeojin Bae.