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Nikon D90 18-55mm VR lens 70-300m lens I'd love to have more but all in good time!

I am an amateur photographer and have only recently discovered my passion.

Having been into art since school I have always liked taking photographs and have been mostly interested in colour and composition. I love to travel and have always taken my camera with me to grab images of the places I visit to try to capture the essence of the culture and people all over the world.

Up until this year I have only used point and shoot cameras, admittedly of non Nikon brands, but in March I decided to bite the bullet and invest in my very first DSLR. After much research I settled on a Nikon D90. Well, that turns out to have been a life changing decision. I love my new camera, and what was a casual hobby for me has now turned into an obsession, so much so that I have decided to go back to university to study photomedia and learn all that I can.

Most of the photos in my archives are non Nikon shots and very amateur in quality, but I am looking forward to going out with my beloved new D90 and improving on them, capturing some great images that I can be proud of!