Keep your Nikon connected to your smart devices with SnapBridge

Maintain a constant, automatic connection between your camera and your smart device with SnapBridge. It gives you easy control of, and access to, your best captured moments. You can sync images to your smartphone or tablet while you shoot, and share Nikon quality images in an instant. You can also control key camera functions via your phone, keep your camera on time and up-to-date, tag locations onto your photos and more. Don’t worry about battery life because the low-power constant connection is enabled by Bluetooth Smart Ready. More than just a clever bit of technology, SnapBridge makes your perfect moments, smart device and Nikon camera inseparable.

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Nikon SnapBridge share better images

Easily share better images

Now your Nikon images can light up your social networks in seconds. SnapBridge uses Bluetooth Smart Ready to maintain a constant, low-power connection between your Nikon camera and up to five smart devices. Photos can be automatically transferred from the camera to your phone or tablet as you shoot. Photos can be reviewed and edited in your favourite app, or uploaded to social networks. Images synced while you shoot are re-sized to 1920 x 1080 pixels, an ideal size for smartphones and social media. You can also manually sync photos, transfer images at larger resolutions and sync movies.

Always connected, never in the way

Pairing a smart device with your Nikon camera is a simple, one-time setup. Simply install the SnapBridge app on your smartphone or tablet, power up your camera and select it from the in-app list of available devices. Once paired, it stays connected to your camera in the background. You can transfer shots as you shoot, without needing to reconnect each time. Shots will even sync with your camera while it’s in sleep mode, and you can continue to use your smart device without interruption. SnapBridge automatically switches to standard Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi®1 only when transferring images.

Nikon SnapBridge the perfect pair
Nikon SnapBridge KeyMission 360/170

The Snapbridge KeyMission 360/170 app

The SnapBridge 360/170 app* is exclusively created for KeyMission 360. Using Bluetooth® low energy (BLE), this dedicated app can be used on your smart devices to bring out the best features of 360° photography and videos.

*As the KeyMission 360 is not equipped with a monitor, the dedicated SnapBridge 360/170 app is required to set up this camera, photograph remotely, play back images, change settings, and more. Before setting up the camera, please install the dedicated app on your compatible smartphone or tablet. Wireless communication is not available when the camera is underwater.

Keep a tag on your images

Every time you land in a new location, SnapBridge automatically updates your camera with the right time and date. As soon as your device updates itself, your camera does, too. All your shots will be in the correct date order, no matter how many time zones you cross. You can also geotag images, so it’s easy to plot photos on a map or get your travel images ready for sharing. You can add other information, including EXIF shooting data, credits and comments.

Nikon SnapBridge Geo tag images
Nikon SnapBridge Remote control shooting functions

Take the shot remotely

See the bigger picture – literally. When SnapBridge is installed, your smart device has the power to display a live view of everything your camera sees. Compose shots on the screen of your smartphone or tablet and remotely fire the shutter to capture the image. Depending on your camera, you can also use your smart device to operate the camera’s AF and zoom functions.

Automatic upload to NIKON IMAGE SPACE

Automatic uploads to your own NIKON IMAGE SPACE account mean you don’t need to overload your smart device with all the images you shoot. Free – unlimited storage is provided for images sized at 1920 x 1080 pixels. Plus, you get 20 GB2 of free storage space for images saved at larger resolutions. You can organise your images in several ways, such as albums for sharing or themed galleries. You can also sort photos by capture date, upload date or the camera they were taken on.

Nikon SnapBridge automatic uploads
Nikon SnapBridge automatic notifications

Stay up to date

Never miss a firmware update again, thanks to automatic notifications from SnapBridge. The app detects when updates are available for your camera and notifies you right away. And if you want to register your new Nikon camera(s), SnapBridge offers a simple solution via your smart device. Simply sync your new camera with your smartphone or tablet and SnapBridge will automatically enter details, such as camera model and serial number.

Nikon SnapBridge wins a prestigious TIPA award for Best Imaging Innovation

Sponsored by the Technical Image Press Association, the prestigious TIPA Awards are voted for by editors of illustrious camera and imaging magazines from around the world.
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Nikon SnapBridge 2016 TIPA award winner

SnapBridge available through the App Store® + Google Play™

Available in both iOS and Android™ versions, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store® and Google Play™.

Available now on Android™

Available now on App Store®

1 Only available on Wi-Fi-enabled cameras.
2 A basic NIKON IMAGE SPACE account comes with 2GB storage capacity, however, upon registration of your Nikon Camera, you get a special account with 20GB, completely free with extra features.