Instant photo sharing

Instant Photo Sharing

Whether built-in or using the optional adaptor, the latest Wi-Fi enabled Nikon cameras make it easier than ever to share beautiful views of your world.

Nikon Instant Photo Sharing

Take a great shot and instantly send it to your compatible smartphone, tablet, or any compatible Wi-Fi® device.

Then use your smart device to email it, text it, or upload it to your favourite social networking or photo album sites—share it the same way you normally share online. Your friends and family will be amazed by the shots you share!

Wireless mobile utility app

Nikon Wireless mobile utility app

The Wireless Mobile Utility creates two-way wireless connections between Nikon cameras and Smart Devices such as your iPhone or Android.

Pictures taken with the camera can be downloaded to the device, and the camera can be controlled remotely, with the device displaying the view through the camera lens.

To get the app, simply search ‘Nikon wireless’ to download the Wireless Mobile Utility for free from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.