Felix Dieu



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Nikon D90 Nikkor AF-D 80-200 2.8 Nikkor DX 35mm 1.8 Nikkor DX 18-105mm

I began photography in 2009, when a friend (Gaël) and I shot some laser pictures for a work in optics. This gave me the passion to pursue photography. I then bought my own camera and learnt by myself: reading, observing. With a good technological background obtained by various lectures at university (optics, electronics, signal and image processing etc.), I was able to quickly learn the basics of photography and image processing.

I started to take photos at my rowing club, then during regattas and at the World Cup Regatta in Luzern. My first photography project was for a semester project at university. Over three months, Gaël and I shot LASER set-ups, by adapting the light-painting technique. The project was published in the Optic and Photonics News magazine where we won the After Image contest.

My other passion is rowing, so I started to shoot at local events, then at the World Cup Rowing at Luzern. Since April 2010, I have been working with the Swiss Rowing team. I live with them over some week-ends and follow the training sessions with the coaches.

My favourite area is sport photography. Freeze the beauty in the motion, the action.

I am constantly looking for improving and developing my style, and am always happy to meet and share ideas with other photographers.